UTG TACTICAL OP-1 BIPOD (6.1''-7.9'')


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The UTG Bipod Swat Combat Profile has duel and swivel mounting for easy and versatile use. The UTG Tactical Bipod is made in durable aluminum with steel platforms that can withstand heavy use. The foldable arms contain an external spring tension control to be quickly put up. A quick retraction button allows the bipod to be put away extremely fast. With adjustable legs, the UTG Bipod can be tailored to the right height and angle.High-tech durable aluminum construction and steel top platformClever dual mounting - Picatinny Mount and swivel stud mountFoldable arms with robust external spring tension control; fully adjustable legs with Posi-lock wheelPanning capability; swivel stud kit; Picatinny Mount; rubberized standAluminum; weighs 11.5 ounces

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